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Due to the Covid-19 virus, Murray House will not be able to include breakfast with your stay. There is a compact kitchenette in the room, which greatly helps with preparing your own meals. That way, you stay safe. Also there are breakfast places open following the CDC regulations. Please wear a mask. Housekeeping also falls into that category as having my cleaning staff handling your bedding and other areas of the room would not be safe either.

Some guests want to bring their own bedding and towels, further to protect themselves, knowing that if bath and bedding come from their own home, it cuts down another infection possibility. MOST ARE OKAY WITH BEDDING, BUT WANT TO BRING THEIR OWN TOWELS. PLEASE LET ME KNOW AT BOOKING TIME HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO DO IT. THANKS To further allay your stress, Murray House, by design, has safety pluses for social distancing:

Your own private outside front door entrance, into your room. The fully (but mini) equipped kitchenette, and of course, your private deck or patio area. Yours exclusively! You can relax and unwind in a private setting.

Your are on your own, But your are safely on your own. So you can relax and not stress. Just enjoy! WHILE WE USE DISINFECTANT SPRAY IN THE ROOMS, IT MAKES SENSE TO ALSO BRING YOUR OWN. YOU CANNOT BE TOO SAFE.

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Newport, Rhode Island

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United States


12 April 2021
42°F - 49°F


13 April 2021
41°F - 54°F
Partly Cloudy


14 April 2021
43°F - 53°F
Partly Cloudy


15 April 2021
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16 April 2021
40°F - 46°F


17 April 2021
40°F - 50°F
Mostly Cloudy


18 April 2021
43°F - 53°F
Partly Cloudy


19 April 2021
44°F - 55°F
Scattered Showers


20 April 2021
45°F - 57°F
Partly Cloudy


21 April 2021
44°F - 55°F
Scattered Thunderstorms

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