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Over the last decade we've taken our 5th Element concept of quality dining, drinking, design and thoughtful hospitality from a small, quirky rental space to our very own custom-renovated building in the heart of Newport, RI's Broadway Restaurant District. We believe it's the combination of our team's enthusiasm and the spirited support of local and visiting customers and friends that keeps us energized. As we move further into our second decade we're just as committed—if not more—to providing great value and service that we can proudly stand behind.

A little bit about us...We like caffeine. We recycle. We help create good times. We are believers in change. There’s little that we see that’s out of our reach because we love what we do.


111 Broadway,Newport

Rhode Island 02840

United States of America

(401) 619-2552, murrayhousebnb@aol.com

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Newport, Rhode Island

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