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The Famous Bailey's Beach is a 6 minute walk from Murray House. 4 minutes if you skip. Murray House is the closest B&B, within walking distance to Baileys beach, aka Reject beach. You see, on one side are the rich and famous and the other side is well, very special people. The left hand side of Baileys is called Reject Beach and was bequeathed to the residents of Coggeshall Avenue, making us one of the chosen few. It is only available by bike, moped or foot. Foot works for Murray House, as previously mentioned. If you are staying as a guest at Murray house, or accessing the left hand side of the beach, Bailey's, aka Reject, we have and will welcome you at Murray House. In fact, a guest from the right side is very welcome to Murray House as well. But you knew that! You have been here many times. Bailey's beach is across from Almy pond and it you look on the right side of this picture, you might even see Murray House, because Murray House has a view of Almy pond. Founded in 1890, Bailey's has hosted many famous sun bathers, such as the Vanderbilts, the Astors, the Kennedy's, the Auchincloss's, me. It's a totally natural & secluded beach, meaning there is no club house or parking. It hasn't stopped anyone from loving it. Bring your lunch, if you like sand. In fact, we just got approval from the city to have cart venders to help feed us. This is a major wonder and loved by all. The Cliff Walk ends at Reject beach, aka Baileys, making the walk back to Murray House a hop, jump and a skip. Skipping is good. Guests at Murray House love the Cliff Walk, but more on that later.

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